Best Time For Taking BCAA: Tablets and Powder

Best Time For Taking BCAA: Tablets and Powder

Before discussing the right time to have Branch chain amino acids, no matter whether it is the powder or tablets, let us look at an importance of the BCAA supplementation. BCCA’s are the best and most important supplements for the muscle growth, muscle recovery and muscle repair.  They are actually made from 3 amino acids: Isoleucine, Leucine, and Valine. The three amino acids influence the muscles directly. BCAAs can be found in the protein packed foods like steak and eggs, or you may supplement with the BCAA powder as well. Ingesting BCAAs from supplementation or food, or on the daily basis is very important for the growth and repair of your muscle.

What is the right time to have BCAA supplementation?

First it is very important to know how to take BCCA and what is the best time for taking BCAA, it can be before your work out, or after the workout. We know, it is a little vague, but let’s explain how much versatile the amazing product is.

How Often You Can Take BCAA?

Before getting in the other details, let’s set standard definition of the BCAA recommended dosage. To go ahead, you may pick your combination and permutations, but it is very important to have within your prescribed limit. Here we are. The single BCAA dose at any time must be 5 to 10 grams. That depends on the workout regime, you may decide your daily dosage. There’re many factors to consider before getting to any conclusion- BCAA is quite essential to your fitness goals and it is important to know the right bcaa dosage for weight loss.

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BCAA Dose for Women

Women who follow normal gym schedule, must stick to 3 to 5 grams per day. They can also take BCAA once or maybe twice in one day. Suppose you are in very rigorous training, then your daily dosage of BCAA is much higher. You may take around 12 grams per day, dividing the intake into 4 to 5 serves in one day.

BCAA Dose for Men

BCAA dosage for men is 15 to 20 grams in one day. Suppose you aren’t exercising strenuously, then you can stick at 2 times per day dose. Likewise, suppose you have busy gym life, then you may increase the BCAA dosage daily to 6 to 8 serves of 5gm each.

When Can You take BCAA?

Optimum time for taking BCAA is very close to the workout. Ensure to have 6 to 8 grams before the workout. You can pair this with carbohydrate or protein. You can also take this post your workout in order to prevent any muscle breakdown or faster muscle recovery. The best time for taking BCAA: Before or After Workout will be considered as a best time for BCAA.

How Can You Take BCAA during the Workout?

Only when you’re doing some intense muscle training, one can take clean Leucine (over 4 grams). This is quite equivalent to 6 to 8 grams of the BCAA. You have to take BCAA dose after one hour of session, and pairing this with carbohydrate or protein.