Have you ever wondered during your teenage years that you started to notice that your body underwent a very rapid physical change; even your voice starts to change, you’re starting to grow facial and pubic hair, you’re getting taller or if you’re a female your breasts are getting larger and your hips have gained more curve and form. What I mean is you’re physically changing in a very fast-paced nature.

Well, behind these changes is your growth hormone or what scientists call Somatotropin. Growth hormone is a protein hormone which is consist of 190 amino acids that is secreted and synthesized by our somatotroph cells that are naturally found in our pituitary glands. Our growth hormone of somatotropin is not just mainly responsible for our puberty period that lasts for more than five years; it is also responsible for our metabolism and physiologic changes which we find complex to understand.

But did you know that growth hormone is also responsible for increased bone density which provides our skeletal system a stronger foundation? In this article from genf20, we will discuss how our growth hormone helps in improving our bone density and how it keeps it healthy.

For those who are not that familiar with genf20, it is a dietary supplement which is proven safe and effective by the Food and Drugs Authority to directly release Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which is also non-harmful. Genf20 helps the body to restore its HGH levels which is beneficial to overall health. It is made up of amino acids, nutrients, peptides that are scientifically formulated to boost the pituitary glands’ increased production and releasing of HGH in the body.

Back to our topic, bone mass suffers a reduction to patients who have low growth hormone deposit in their bodies which results to vertebral fractures and one of the main cause of osteoporosis for a lot of women who are ages 30 and above.

People who are suffering from Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD) also experience a reduction in their skeletal mineralization.

Growth Hormone supplements that are being administered to patients suffering from GHD, their bone turnover experience an increase especially to its bone mineral density in the first few months based on the studies conducted by experts after they administered a certain dosage of Human Growth Hormones (HGH) to patients suffering from acromegaly. They also found out that the patients cortical bone mass have increased and their trabecular bone mass have also gone back to normal.

Another study also found out that the bone mineral content of laboratory rats increased which led to an improved biomechanical competence of its bones which means that if this is used for patients with GHD, it can improve their overall body height because of the increase of their bone mass.

For people suffering from osteoporosis, growth hormone proves to be beneficial due to the fact that it promotes the increased metabolism of their bones which helps improve their bone geometry to bring back their natural posture and strengthens the back skeletal portion of their body.

Now that you’ve known the benefits of growth hormone to our bones, it’s ideal to visit your orthopaedist and ask what kind of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) supplement they can give you.